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The Ultimate In Culinary for Luxury Yachts

World Class Executive Chefs Prepare Culinary Delights to Enhance Your Yacht Charter Experience.

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In the luxury yacht market, our Chefs sets the standard for professional private chefs.

Nothing can better than a Private Executive Gourmet Chef preparing a feast fit for a king aboard a luxury yacht cruising the South Florida waterways. Or if you are going on a term charter vacation, then consider the level of culinary pampering you’ll have throughout an entire voyage to the neighboring islands.

Luxury Chef On Board yacht chefs are skilled in a diverse range of cuisine styles with knowledge of galley safety, sanitation standards and always embracing the necessity for meal planning, provisioning, customizing menus for the individual tastes of clients and adjusting dishes according to sudden changes in location, weather or occasion.

Menu Designed Specifically For Your Tastes and Requirements.

It all starts with a review of your culinary fancy of desired tastes and omissions (in case of any food allergies or personal preferences).

Any dietary requirements can be catered to on an individual basis. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, carnivore, allergic to nuts etc., everything is made possible for your individual experience. Each meal is extensively planned and designed around your instructions, taste and Chefs imagination and skills.

Luxury Chef On Board
“What an amazing time!”
Susana Scott
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Luxury Chef On Board
luxury chef on board

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Luxury Chef On Board
luxury chef on board

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Cesar Lozada
Excellent services, 5 Stars!!!!. The food was delicious and exotic. Thank you!
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Valeria Espinal
Chef Abel and his team are not only professional but also truly genuine people you can rely on. Their service and food is exquisite to the very last detail. One of a kind experience! Very recommended!
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Abel Garcia
We went on a trip to Bahamas on my yacht and we hire a Private Gourmet Chef company name LCB to make our breakfast, lunch and dinner and wao so good, so well presented. Really recommended this service!!
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Luis Lasose
What an amazing experience with Chef Abel !!. He made a delicious 7 course dinner for my wife’s birthday and me. Each dish was to die for and very pretty as well and to put the cherry, he prepared an fabulous cake for my wife. He made my wife’s birthday perfect. The atmosphere was perfect and the crew were amazing and profesional.
Google Review
Kimberly Copeland
The BEST EXPERIENCE, hands down!!!! From his professionalism, his creativity, the presentation, the taste, EVERYTHING!!! I have booked him numerous times and will continue to- he never disappoints!! I always leave the table full and so delighted. Thank you, chef!! You are truly one of a kind- you’re stuck with me for life!!!
Google Review
Rose Rodriguez
Chef Abel is very professional, he is very knowledgeable In the culinary field. He goes above and beyond with his service. All of his food is superb, and perfectly paired and cooked to perfection. Don’t hesitate in contacting him for your next charter experience as well as a personalized dinner. He will definitely exceed your expectations! I definitely will give him 5 stars!
Luxury Chef On Board
luxury chef on board

It's a Dream Come True

Molding a group of professional Chefs, to bring private luxury service to yachts  in South Florida, was a project that Chef Abel La Cruz, always contemplated to carry out, bring on board Miami's delights and At the same time, bringing on board the flavor of modern cuisine fused with the most exquisite Latin flavor, it was something that could work perfectly for the Chef, as all these years of success have shown, serving his delights on board off the coast from Miami and the Caribbean seas.

Luxury Chef On Board
Let's Sail Together
Satisfy the wishes of those who visits us here in South FLorida, and wish to have a simply extraordinary Gourmet experience on board.

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